Custom Software

Why would you want custom software? If you can't find a program that does what you need, then custom software is an option. Custom software is software written just for your business, and is tailored to meet your exact needs. With over 25 years of database software development experience, we can confidently advise you about single-user, multi-user, or Internet database solutions.

We have written applications for all types of business such as auto repair industry, manufacturing firms, restaurants, point of sales, medical image managements, and others. Some of the programs we have written include scheduling, billing, accounting, data collection, inventory control, service reminders, and much more. These applications have enabled our customers to significantly improve work flow and meet time constraints.

Client for Life

In addition to being technical experts, we strive to be experts at listening and communicating. This understanding of your needs and process of engagement is what we call the "client for life process." The client for life process was defined and developed to ensure that we accurately understand and anticipate your needs now and after your engagement with us.

The start of this process takes place the moment you begin to search for a development partner. Understanding where you are coming from and how you got here allows us to begin anticipating your needs. As you move through the selection process and begin to qualify potential partners, we will document our understanding of your needs and business goals in a way that everyone can understand.


 No Cookie-Cutter Solutions

We take custom software development projects very seriously. They are our specialty for a reason. We take the time to get to know not only your idea, but also your company and your industry. This allows us to suggest just the right tools, technologies, and frameworks to accomplish your goals. Every custom software development project is just that, custom. With every new project, we start with a blank canvas. We get to know you and your project then, and only then, do we suggest the right tools for the job.